I request your support for re-election as the Bloomfield Township Treasurer in the primary on August 2nd, or by absentee ballot starting in June.  I pledge to put citizen needs first as I have over my 17 years of service to the township.  I am proud to be your Treasurer and I ask that you review my voting record.  I am known as the “voice of reason” on the Board of Trustees and the architect of our “triple A” township bond rating.   (Click here for my voting record and that of my opponent.)


I know that the views of our voters must be heard and that township decision-making must be impartial. In recent years, Bloomfield Township has shifted away from the fair application of law to an environment of entitlement and favoritism.  Care and consideration for spending has evaporated. Citizen concerns have gone unanswered by the Trustees.  My efforts to institute policies to restrain costs and assure independence of decision-makers have been thwarted by Township Supervisor Savoie and several Trustees (including my opponent) who consistently support his “friends and favors” agenda.


My mission to return the township to the people has been met with many personal attacks from the Savoie administration over the last year. A campaign of character assassination was undertaken to silence my reform proposals and run me out of office.  While I’d prefer to focus on township issues, I know I must address the lies being spread.  These lies started when I went public with information about Savoie taking campaign donations from a township vendor. I am happy to provide details on these events, confident that my actions will stand up to your scrutiny.


I will not be distracted from my goals by the dirty political games being played.  Upon re-election I will continue to work intensely (with Trustee Dave Buckley) to reform our local government.  I want to restore fairness and transparency to Bloomfield Township.  
(Click here  to see my campaign flyer.)


Please read more about my qualifications and accomplishments,  areas requiring immediate attention in Bloomfield Township, and the real story behind recent controversies in the township by clicking those topics below.

Bloomfield Township Treasurer

Re-Elect Dan Devine

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